1. Expand the tree menu by clicking at the header triangle below the "Select data".
  2. Select the items which you want to appear in the chart by double-clicking.
  3. Click the "Draw" button in the middle of the screen, then the chart is drawn.
  4. When you want to remove the selected items, double-click the items below the "Data drawn in chart" and click the "Draw" button.
Data update for "Coastal", "near Intake Canals", "Seawater", and "Groundwater" is suspended.
Select data
    After 3 weeks from accident

    Measuring points of temperature is here (TEPCO).
    Monitoring post is here (TEPCO).

    Data drawn on chart
    Drag: Zoom dragged area. Shift+Drag: Move the view area. If you want to reset, push reset button in the upper right.
    Scatter plot
    X axis  
    Y axis