Safe retrieval of fuel debris

 The immediate observation of the distributions of the fuel debris in the PCV and FPs is difficult to be realized due to high radiation environment inside the PVC of each Unit. For this reason, distribution and properties of the fuel debris and FP distribution are obtained through the comprehensive analysis and evaluation based on the all pieces of information available. The information collection and evaluation method for comprehensive analysis and evaluation and the status of comprehensive analysis and evaluation conducted to date are described below.

①Safe retrieval of fuel debris―Understanding of location,amount and properties of fuel debris and FP distribution

②Study on the options of fuel debris retrieval method

③Assessment on the approaches and FS on the Submersion method

④Assessment of approaches and FS based on the Partial submersion (Partial submersion-Top entry method and Partial submersion-Side entry method)

⑤Studies on the multiple scenarios based on the condition of each unit

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