Progress toward decommissioning:Work to improve the environment within the site

Immediate targets

Status of Progress Points

Based on the awareness that it is vital to prepare an environment within which workers are highly motivated as the long process of decommissioning begins, we will make efforts to ascertain needs in the field while continuing to improve the work environment and labor conditions by periodically conducting questionnaires of workers and exchanging information with contractors.

(1) Reduction of dose at site boundaries

(2) Decontamination within site

(3) Preventing spread of contamination in the sea

(4) Ensuring work safety

Efforts aimed at managing, processing and disposal of radioactive waste

(1) Suitable management of radioactive waste

(2) Research and development for processing/disposal of radioactive waste

Decontamination within Site

Devices used in test decontamination of pavement surfaces

Removal of contaminated water and filling of Unit 4 seawater pipe trench complete

Sectional view of Unit 4 seawater pipe trench

Reduction in Concentration of Radioactive Materials in Port Seawater

Improving living/working environments

Optimization of radioactive protective equipment

Installation of dose-rate monitors

Installation of Dose-rate monitor

Labor Environment

External appearance of the vehicle maintenance site

Future issues and the direction of countermeasures

Continual consideration of how to process and dispose of radioactive waste that will increase in future

Radioactive Material Concentrations in Port Seawater & Achievement of Levels Below Public Notice Limits

Considering the local community in regard to securing personnel in the long-term

Continued efforts aimed at improving the working environment and working conditions