Progress toward decommissioning: Fuel removal from the spent fuel pool (SFP)

Immediate targets

Commence fuel removal from the Unit 1-3 Spent Fuel Pools

Work to help remove spent fuel from the pool is steadily progressing while ensuring seismic capacity and safety. The removal of spent fuel from the Unit 4 pool commenced on November 18, 2013 and was completed on December 22, 2014.

Unit 4

    Fuel removal status

Check of the soundness of the Reactor Building

Unit 3

Unit 3, Unit 4 SFP debris dispersion survey

Unit 1

      Dismantling of wall panels

Flow of building cover dismanting

Unit 2

Replacement of fuel rack for common pool

Progress to date

Future issues and the direction of countermeasures

Handling the risks associated with earthquakes and tsunami

Issues that may impact work schedules