Progress toward decommissioning:Works to identify the plant status and toward fuel debris removal

In addition to decontamination and shield installation to improve PCV accessibility, technology was developed and data gathered as required to prepare to remove fuel debris (such as investigating and repairing PCV leak locations)

Status of Progress Points

(1) Development of remotely operated decontamination technology and methods in order to secure access to the building

(2) Preparations for inspecting the inside of the PCV (identifying and repairing leaks, sampling surveys, etc.)

(3) Ascertaining conditions inside the core by leveraging analysis codes, and fundamental research for ascertaining the characteristics of fuel debris

Proposing plans for decontaminating the inside of the buildings and for reducing overall dose levels

Dose dispersion map creation concept image

Identifying and repairing leaks within the containment vessel

Overview of water tank tests on water stopping material for between buildings

Contamination status survey and decontamination of Reactor Building Units 1 to 3

Remote-control robot to investigate the contamination status of 1st floor upper

Survey of the inside of the containment vessel in preparation for fuel debris extraction

Pre-survey items and access routes (tentative)

Ascertaining and analyzing conditions inside the core

Preparations for ascertaining the characteristics of fuel debris and processing

Future issues and the direction of countermeasures

Continual deliberation of mid-term issues regarding fuel debris extraction